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Calling Aspiring Online Marketers

Mijura is an online software startup with an office in UNSW’s Computer Science Engineering building as a part of its 'Venture Space' program. We’re looking for a part-time (5-10hrs per week) intern to be our ONLINE MARKETING ASSISTANT over the coming 12 weeks.


Training and learning opportunities

All major aspects of online marketing in a B2B (business to business) context will be covered in this internship – in particular, SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing. Training sessions will be given, extra readings and resources will also be given in additional to practical work across different areas of online marketing. 

Reference at the end of 12 weeks

Written letter, Linkedin reference, listing us on your CV – whatever reference you want, we will give. It’s important to us that we help you succeed in your future career.

Mentoring from the founders

You will be mentored according to your interests, especially in the areas of Marketing career development and Entrepreneurship. 3 past interns we’ve hired have gone on to: started their own business, win a national marketing competition, and secure a graduate role in Marketing.

This is unpaid for the duration of the internship, but there is possibility of casual paid work after the internship period depending on performance and business needs


You are:

Eager to learn more about online marketing, startups and technology 
Professional, mature and reliable
Confident with your written communication skills
Possibly interested in starting your own business some day 


Step 1. Add ‘Melissa Ran’ on Linkedin
Step 2. Email your CV to
Step 3. In the email, tell us what made you want to apply and what you are hoping to get out of this experience



Recurring Tasks and PDF print for Meetings

Recurring Tasks/Follow up meeting Function

Often, tasks allocated from one meeting are not completed by the next meeting. This gives rise to the ‘ Create follow up meeting’ option that allows for carrying over recurring tasks to subsequent meetings.

This can be done by viewing the first meeting, and clicking on the ‘Create Follow Up meeting’ option on the toolbar.

A follow up meeting is just like any other meeting, except tasks from the previous meeting would be automatically listed under the new meeting.

Follow up meetings can be created multiple times.


PDF Print

The PDF function creates a saveable and printable PDF of the Meeting minutes view page, including minutes and all tasks associated with the meeting.

The ‘Share’ function allows the PDF version to be emailed to non-Mijura users.



Sub Tasks and Grouping Tasks

What are Sub Tasks?

Sometimes when there is one task (the parent task) that requires major work and additional elements, there are other related tasks that need to be done before the parent task can be completed. In order to recognize its connection & dependency, those tasks can be set as ‘sub-tasks’ of the parent task so that related tasks are grouped together.

How does it work?

Creating a new parent task, then creating a sub task

New parent tasks are created as per usual, from the ‘My Priorities’ tab and then choosing ‘New task’.

Once a parent task is created, the detailed view of the parent task will give the option to ‘Add Sub Task’ on the top-right bar. Click on it to add a sub task that is related to this parent task.


add sub task


Creating a Sub Task, then attaching it to an existing task

Create a task as per usual by going to ‘My Priorities’ tab and choosing the ‘New Task’ option.

Down the bottom, there is the ‘Parent Task’ drop down option, where you can select an existing task to be the parent to this sub task you are creating.

  parent task dropdown

Functions of Sub task

  A sub task can be edited/commented on etc just like a parent task.

It must be marked as complete before a parent task can be marked complete or deleted. This means a parent task cannot be marked complete  unless all sub tasks are marked as complete.

       Sub tasks are displayed as individual tasks in your priority list (My Priorities) and can be re-ordered in any order

 priority list view

They are also displayed when you click on the parent task


sub task list view

Be a Pro at Team Management with Mijura

The idea for Mijura came about after one of our founders had a particularly inefficient team experience - he had two reporting managers (bad sign #1) both allocating him work with competing priorities. This is why it's such a focus of our software to make it easy for managers to coordinate and track their team’s activities. Below are 3 nifty features we’ve recently added specifically to make team management easier for a manager.

Imagine you are the manager, Ricardo Martinez of Example corp. 

Manager Dashboard

How to use it: Cursor over top tool bar ‘My Reports’, first option is ‘Manager Dashboard’ – this will only be available if you are designated as a manager

Why it’s so great: The Manager Dashboard shows you at a glance and in one place all the important things you need to know about what your team is up to. It shows you all the team members and their task stats, chart of tasks created and completed by date, list of tasks that are overdue or due soon and recent notifcations.

Manager Dashboard Screenshot


Tagging Team Members to Comments

How to use it: Clicking on any task will bring up all comments associated with that task along with a comment box. Inside this comment box, you can comment on the task, and also tag others you want to make comments to by typing ‘@’ followed by the username of that person and he/she will be sent a notification, eg. ‘@ashleyk’. Note that once you type '@', a list of all team members will appear and you can pick who you want. 

Why it’s so great: This feature allows for collaboration and discussion between multiple people and keeps the discussion all under 1 task. The task may be allocated to Christine, but if she needs help from Ashley, you can give Ashley instructions about it.

Comment and Tagging Screenshot 

Email Integration and Notifications

How to use it: Notifications appear on the top-right hand corner in red and are also sent to your email. Additionally, you can add tasks to Mijura directly by email, instead of accessing the Mijura account. To do this, send an email from the email account you registered with Mijura (the email account you get sent notification emails to), to [Username]@[Access Name], with the details of the task. This will then be automatically added to the task list of that user and a notification will be sent to them as well. 

Username: Your team member's username in Mijura. eg. Ashley Kelley is 'ashleyk'

Access name: The access name you nominated when you signed up for Mijura. Usually this is the name of your company or team. eg. 'example' for a team working within Example corp. 

Email content: The subject line of the email will show as the main task title, the body of the email will show as the description of the task. 

Why it’s so great: This feature allows you to manage and allocate tasks when you are away from your computer and not logged into Mijura. 

Email to task shot 

 Go to our features page for more information on our other features. 

take a tour 

Awesome Pricing Changes


pricing screenshot


We're starting the month of September fresh with a brand-new look for the website, and a complete pricing structure overhaul! We're pretty excited about it, and the response so far has been great as well. 

The new pricing is simpler, fairer for small-medium business/teams, more flexible and more competitive. 


Pricing differs by number of users only. Now all plans get all the benefits: unlimited projects, teams, storage and support.


We now have more user tiers than most other project management and task management software in the market. This minimizes the likelihood of smaller teams having to pay for unused capacity between tiers. 

Flexible and Competitive

Our pricing is now one of the most affordable in the industry, with a 30-day money back guarantees for cancellations within the first month. That's on top of our existing 30-day full featured, no credit card required 30-day Free Trial. 

For detailed pricing of different tiers, see our pricing page. See if you can find the Easter Egg too! 



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